Things You Must Do Before Your Any International Trip

Here is a simple mantra of a good and memorable trip: Good Travel is the result of good planning. It is really exciting to have those tickets in your hands foryour dream getaway. All one starts doing is a dream about how it will go and how much fun it will be. However, there are some things to do to make your trip actually a good one. In addition to planning the basics of any trip like lodging, restaurants, activities, and so on- international trips asks for some extra work to be done. Here are some important tips to consider making your next international getaway a stress free experience.

Check for your passport and apply for any necessary visas.

Most countries require that your passport be valid for six months after your return date. If you get stuck in one of those countries, you’d want to make sure they will let you get away with no problems. Check your passport and see if you need to renew it or not.Packseparately a photocopy of the information page of your passport and the visa of your destination.

Get vaccination and fill prescriptions.

For maximum protection, you should get any shots required six weeks prior your departure date. Don’tforget to consult a travel medicine professional if you are traveling to a country where the disease is rampant. Pack photocopies of your prescriptions separately from your medicines, and note the generic drug name. Pack your medicines in its medicinebottles, in your carry-on bag. If you need to use syringes, make sure that you have a written letter from the doctor and declare your syringes legal before you go through security. Pack more than enough medicine to last your trip.

Call the issuers of the credit cards you will be taking with you shortly before you leave.

Inform them of the countries you will be traveling to. Otherwise, your credit card could be denied as the issuer, might find the international activity suspicious. Know how to contact your company when abroad.  Visit an ATM as soon as you reach your destination and make a withdrawal in the local currency. If you are flying to a smaller airport in a developing country there is no guarantee that there will be an ATM. In these cases, purchase some local currency ahead of time.

Buy Travel Insurance.

If you have a Medicare Supplemental plans, then check with your policy provider if it includes overseas travel insurance as most of the plans does. If it doesn’t, and you want to add extra coverage consider travel insurance.

Pack appropriately.

Just take your necessary electronic devices. Do not take valuables like jewelry with you as they could attract thieves. Before you leave, empty your wallet of all other credit cards that you don’t intend to use on your trip. Pack an extra pair of prescription glasses, if you are using one. Use closed baggage tags to label each bag. Label each tag with your name, address,and contact number.

A little bit of extra effort can make your trip a stress free one and really memorable. Bon Voyage.

Medicare Supplement Plan Hints

Senior citizens are finding when they have joined Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, that all their medical expenses are not covered. They are finding that enrolling in a Medicare supplement plan can help with the extra expenses not covered by Medicare. These plans are widespread and used by many seniors.

The Options

Medicare supplement plans are all standardized and are designated with the letters A to N. Each plan is unique and cover many medical benefits and each one is the same wherever you may reside. The insurance companies must tell you they are all the same. The difference will be in the cost of the premiums and that may be an important consideration when deciding what Medicare supplement plan you choose. Plan F is a very popular plan with medical benefits that appeal to a vast majority of people. Medicare supplement plans cannot be cancelled because of your health status.




Hospice care payments

First three pints of blood

Copayments for Medicare Part B


What is Not Covered by Medicare Supplement Plans


In order for you to decide which Medicare supplement plan you choose, you will need to know that some medical expenses are not covered by Medicare or Medicare supplement plans. Prescriptions drugs, vision, dental, long term care, hearing aids and nursing care will be the responsibility of the individual. Other costs to an individual would be your monthly premiums and yearly deductibles. Each Medicare supplement plan should be looked at carefully, as some may include some of these costs and the premiums will increase accordingly. Premium costs will be approximately $140 with Plan A.


What about Foreign Travel?


There are plans that will cover you when you travel to foreign lands and have a medical emergency. Plans C, D, F, G, M, & N will take care of 80% of your health concerns in foreign countries. This will be applied when you pay the $250 deductible.


What Is The Best Plan With The Most Coverage?


What may be the best Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plan G for your family or friends, may not be what will suit your medical needs. Your best choice will be the Medicare supplement plan that covers what medical needs you may have and the amount of cost for the monthly premiums that your budget will sustain. Some Medicare supplement plans are liked by many people because their coverage is more beneficial for their medical concerns. Plan F is very popular, but may have higher deductibles and lower premiums